Argentum (Silver)

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  • Argentum
  • Ag
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Chronological Age: 17
  • Physical Age: 17
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Height: 5' 2"
  • Gender: Venus
  • Eye Color: Pale Blue
  • Hair Color: Bright Gray
  • Physical Build: Slender, Busty (32 D)
  • Grade: 11
  • Distinguishable Features: Mask Covering Third Quadrant of Face, Waist Length Hair, Mechanical Left Eye (Has three telescopic lenses for varying view distances)
Love Interests
Alternative Names (Includes Titles, Nicknames)
  • Silver
  • None
  • "I Like everyone"
  • ":< What did I do?"
  • Unknown


Nothing of note until age nine. In a serious accident at that age, she was riding in a car that t-boned a gasoline tanker that preceded to go up in flames with young Silver still trapped inside. That event killed her family and cut off her right forearm and entire right leg as well as irrepairable burned a large section of her face and torso. Her left, ruined by the fire, was replaced with an advanced prosthetic that during the installation surgery caused damage to her frontal lobe giving her spotty short-term memory.

IMG 20150323 175829 781

Silver after the incident

Currently resides in foster care where she would be bullied except everyone is terrified of the demon she hides.


Generally of an innocent or benign nature, and carefree or almost ditzy attitude towards others she comes off as harmless and generally, be warned she is highly skilled in self-defense of several styles. "Don't touch my mask or chest."

She also loves making clouds with her mouth or focusing on people with different lenses to make them tiny or huge.

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