Kazuma Ochitsuki

  • Kazuma Ochitsuki
  • インテル カズマ
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Chronological Age: 18
  • Physical Age: 17
  • Weight: Undisclosed
  • Height: 5'8
  • Sex: Male(?)
  • Gender: Unknown
  • Eye Color: Amethyst (Red in game)
  • Hair Color: Black, with red highlights
  • Physical Build: Tall, Lanky
  • Grade: College First
  • Distinguishable Features:
    • Appears androgynous, voice makes it hard to discern.
Love Interests
  • Unknown (Known to be a hopeless flirt, however)
Alternative Names (Includes Titles, Nicknames)
  • Kazu
  • S1lencer (Thought to be username)
  • Archonic_Silencer (Username)
  • Unknown Father and Mother, Father is Japanese, Mother is Korean.
  • None known
  • On occasion, GMs
  • None known


This page will be written upon the use of male pronouns for Kazuma, as Kazuma's a masculine name, despite the character's androgynous appearance. It will be changed to female if proven otherwise.


  • Commonly known as the school's own smartass, Kazuma has generally been known as that one weird kid who does nothing but spend time on his laptop and listen to his music. Where he has practically shut out all interaction with his classmates unless one were to get his attention, most girls are often repulsed by his flirty behavior, and is rumored to be someone among the lines of thirsty, though this doesn't prove to be the case. Although this caused him to be of poor reception of his classmates safe for anyone who chose to interact with him, though even then, he does keep himself shut off and away. His grades however, are of well performed rates, often being an A and B average student with one C every report card, or occasionally, just all As and Bs.

It's known he started attending the school at tenth grade after moving from South Korea with his mother and father.


Kazuma is shown to act with excellent composure, though with a heavily disconnected and introverted nature. Behind his composure also seems to lie a bit of a jokester attitude that seemingly envisions a person whom seems to try to enjoy his life as much as possible, though it is due to this lack of interaction that nothing much of his persona is entirely known. He's quick to come back to insults with either dry or even, on some occasions, sharp wit. It's well assumed that Kazuma's lifestyle is that of a shut in behavior where most of the time, he spends his moments on a desk or even at bed, typing away or playing games, much to the dismay of his parents. Whenever Kazuma's headphones are on, it's shown that he has a slight level of apathy, as he often has it loud enough where people can hear. It's also hard to get his attention when they are on.


  • Ochitsuki in Japanese is literally Composure, referring to Kazuma's personality. Whereas Kazuma is True Harmony referring to Kazuma's rather carefree way of living, despite it greatly affecting his body and being an unhealthy choice of lifestyle.

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