Shirudo Hato

  • Shirudo Hato
  • シールド ハート
  • (Shield Heart)
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Chronological Age: 17
  • Physical Age: 15-16
  • Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Gender: Male
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Physical Build: Lanky, but generally considered average heightwise
  • Grade: 11th
  • Distinguishable Features: Nonchalant expression
    • Timid composure
Love Interests
  • N/A
Alternative Names (Includes Titles, Nicknames)
  • Shiru
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • Unknown

A Shattered HeartEdit

An iteration of arrhythmia, genetically predisposed and passed on.  Out of affected individuals, it is a generally rare diagnosis which is extremely dangerous for those who are born with it.  In essence, the condition can delay repolarization of the heart.  This increases his heartbeat, which in turn makes episodes of torsades de pointes more frequent.  If over exerted or doesn't receive enough medicine, instances can result  in fainting or sudden death.  Because of this burden constantly hanging over his head, he must abstain from most formalized forms of physical activity, extraneous tasks or anything which can possibly cause a heart attack.


Shirudo can consider himself introverted, a quiet, timid, taciturn teen who abstains from socializing.  On the surface, he keeps a reserve complexion and keeps chatting to a minimum.  If he has to talk, he will do so quickly and succinctly, then make an escape.  The boy takes on scenarios in an astute manner, quickly analyzing every minute aspect, then proceeds to map out what he believes is the best route.  He doesn't mean to be antisocial, it's just the fact that Shirudo isn't too versed in conversation.  He has no idea how to uphold one, nor how to keep it in a constant flow.  His shortened words are accompanied by his blank slate of a face, making external perceptions of his character nearly impossible to conceive.  While his classmates are trying to get a stable understanding of him, he is instead taking every one of their facets into consideration.  Underneath his blank facade is a surprisingly thoughtful and compassionate individual.  Almost as rarely as his condition, he shows his expressive side.  But when this persona presents itself, Shirudo acts in a more irrational manner and can be overreactive.  He can be quite the crybaby.

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