This list is about the many weapons focused in the eSper Sports Network, do note that this page is updated along with the RP's progress. As well as there being a locked tag if the weapon is locked at the moment. Each eSper can only have three weapons on person, but can change in between matches, unless the eSper is a Hacker


Melee Weapons are typically used for close combat ordinance aside to the Shotgun and the Revolver, some weapons use SP in some cases, where others do not.

Plasma Sword

The most basic melee weapon in the whole league. The Plasma Sword is often in the style of a smaller zweihander, but do not mistake it's size for a lack of speed. While not as fast as the Spy Dagger or not as big as the Breaker, the Plasma Sword is a well-rounded, versatile weapon, allowing for complex movements as well as being able to use in trickery for some cases if used well. The Jump Attack creates a shockwave capable of stunning an opponent. The Strong Attack is often spinning to let the blade's weight and momentum do the rest.

  • Jump Attack: Yes
  • Strong Attack: Yes
  • Charge: Yes

Spy Dagger

The lightest of all melee weapons, the Spy Dagger can prove to be a deadly weapon with it's charge attack being a comparatively lethal device, able to eliminate any eSper who is not specialized in HP+, though any charge attack from behind will eliminate the eSper and cause a respawn. Though the charge is the slowest out of any of the charge attacks. Aside to it's light-weight, this adds utmost speed to the eSper handling it.

  • Jump Attack: No
  • Strong Attack: No
  • Charge: Yes

Counter Sword

Aptly named for what it is, the Counter Sword is meant to counter any melee weapons in exchange for not having a Charge attack. Though the Counter Sword can't counter any air attacks safe for that from the Twin Blades and the Spy Dagger, it also cannot counter the Breaker's charge attack. The Counter Sword's air attack is homing to the nearest opponent to punch them down, then being able to follow with an Uppercut, the Uppercut also serves as the Counter Sword's Strong Attack

  • Jump Attack: Yes
  • Strong Attack: Yes
  • Charge: No

Storm Bat

A wicked baseball bat, considering the Plasma Sword's blunt brother, the Storm Bat is fairly heavy, but not as much as the Breaker. But that doesn't mean that it still isn't deadly. It's said that the weapon can strike with lightning when jump attacking. Aside to it's lightning properties, one can spin around with the bat to act as a tempest of destruction, though it will be slower in speed compared to the other Charge Attacks. Contrary to popular belief, the spin won't cause knockback.

  • Jump Attack: Yes
  • Strong Attack: No
  • Charge: Somewhat

Breaker (Locked)

A two-handed sledgehammer, whilst slower than most of the swords, the Breaker can end up being a dangerous weapon, able to send any eSper flying away when slammed, aside to that, the Breaker's weight can be used for dangerous jumping attacks. The charge attack slows the user, gathering up strength, and drains SP, and is done in an overhead slam. It is not affected by the Counter Sword's Counter status. When charging, the wielder of the Breaker cannot dodge.

  • Jump Attack: Yes
  • Strong Attack: No
  • Charge: Yes

Twin Blades (Locked)

Magnetically charged blades with a positive and negative field, the Twin Blades are for quick attacks, as well as a type of weapon that is difficult to break out of with a dodge unlike the other weapons. And curiously enough, only the normal attack doesn't extend the blades' reach via chain. The Twin Blades are capable of charging, and can be charged with electricity to greatly increase the damage output. The Counter Sword cannot counter the charge attack. Though like the Breaker, SP is drained, but not during the charge unlike the Breaker, and it slows the user, the charge attack causes a maelstrom of both steel and electricity around the user. The Jump Attack causes the user to dash back, releasing the blades like a whip, hitting anything in a ninety degree radius, and causing knockback.

  • Jump Attack: Yes
  • Strong Attack: No
  • Charge: Yes


Ranged is divided into numerous categories, based on the weapon. Ranged weapons often do not cause the opponent to flinch, and aren't usually a couple shots to kill or a one shot kill, unless it's a Sniper Rifle (Excluding Cannonade), or the Handgun, where Critical often results in a kill.


Often meant for Close Combat purposes, the Gun Ranged line is for Short-ranged encounters

Combat Shotgun

A Shotgun with two clip holders, each clip holding four shells. One Shell is exhausted per fire, causing eight bullets to ripple out, of course, at longer range, this makes the weapon heavily ineffective. It's also pretty slow upon firing to, and is cocked by pushing the barrel down, similar to a sawn-off-shotgun, allowing the next Shell to load inside, where the other one ejects out of the side, the Shotgun automatically switches clips when the other one is empty, where the spent clip is burnt up from firing.. When reloading, the Shotgun's barrel is lowered and cocked to the side, allowing the spent clips' remains to fall out. Allowing two more to be put in. The clips are packed with dense paper, that is meant to be burnt up after firing four times, allowing the other to slide in for the 'automatic' switching. It being a Shotgun however, makes one slightly slower than anyone firing the gun.

  • Clip Size: 8
  • Firing Speed: Below Average
  • Special: No


Typically the Shotgun's little brother, the Revolver fires four bullets per shot, in exchange for higher damage, though even a slower speed when firing, leaving the eSper an open target.

  • Clip Size: 7
  • Firing Speed: Slow
  • Special: No


The Handgun is considered the lightest of all the ranged weapons, allowing for wicked fast movement, even said to be on par, or even faster than the Spy Dagger. But allows for much more special movement. The gun is inaccurate, however, but if one manages to land a Critical, it usually ends up in killing any eSper. The Handgun has the fastest reloading speed in the Guns section

  • Clip Size: 8
  • Firing Speed: Average
  • Special: No


Often the staple of S4, these guns are usually found in almost any eSper's loadout. The Rifles and SMGs are meant for mid-range to long-range encounters, but can still be used short-ranged.


Considering a Marksman's Rifle, if anything, whilst having a lower firing rate than the others, what's special about the weapon is that it can zoom unlike the others, whilst still being dangerous with it's Critical purposes, zooming in slightly decreases move speed, however. The weapon is reloaded by the clip being on the top and ejecting via a spring mechanism when there's virtually no bullets in, allowing a new clip to be reloaded. The Semi-Rifle has the fastest reloading speed in the Rifles section. It's spread is also lesser than the SMGs.

  • Clip Size: 30
  • Firing Speed: Above Average
  • Special: Yes (Active; User can focus and zoom in slightly, allowing for more accurate shots provided they control the burst.)

SubMachine Gun

Dual wielded, the SMG duo is the most common weapon in any eSper's loadout, allowing for immense versatility and agility, firing doesn't impair movement in any way compared to other weapons. Though as being the most common weapon, the SubMachine Gun has nothing special about it.

  • Clip Size: 30
  • Firing Speed: Fast
  • Special: No

Homing and Spark Rifles (Spark Rifle Locked)

The two weapons are banded together due to having similar purposes, though the Homing Rifle fires heat seeking projectiles, the Spark Rifle instead fires shots that can be randomly Critical (Rolled at a 1/8th) chance. Where the Homing Rifle can zoom. The Homing Rifle cannot score Critical by any circumstances. Both weapons deal rather low damage as well, compared to the other weapons.

  • Clip Size: 30
  • Firing Speed: Fast (Homing), Medium (Spark)
  • Special: Yes (Passive; Homing Rifle can zoom, Spark Rifle can score a random critical)

Smash Rifle

Taking the form of a gauntlet, the Smash Rifle boasts higher clip, though a bit more of a narrow spread and less damage than the other Rifles. With it being a Gauntlet, the Rifle is capable of literally bitchslapping, knocking eSpers away should they get close. But be warned, this counts as a melee attack, and can be countered by the Counter Sword. The Smash Rifle takes more time to reload out of any Rifle

  • Clip Size: 50
  • Firing Speed: Fast
  • Special: Yes (Melee)

Gauss Rifle

Ironically despite it's size, the Gauss Rifle is fairly light in it's clips, and can be even used as a Sniping weapon should one control the bursts. The weapon has a unique, vertical spread. but this makes it difficult to hit an opponent moving or dodging to the side. Though while it does have a high damage yield, it's the slowest firing Rifle in the group. It also lacks a Special function

  • Clip Size: 30
  • Firing Speed: Average
  • Special: No


As the name says, these weapons are for Heavy Shock Dealing eSpers.


Boasting a high rate of fire and the highest clip size of any weapon, the HMG proves capable of eliminating most, if not, all of an incoming team of eSpers, it also has a high damage yield, making it a vicious weapon and not one to be standing in front of. Before and after firing, however, the HMG needs to revv up and revv down. While firing, the eSper wielding the weapon will be drastically slower and an easy target.

  • Clip Size: 100
  • Firing Speed: High (Requires Rev Up and Rev Down periods, however)
  • Special: Yes (Passive; Negative, Revving)

Air Gun

Little more than an angry fan, the Air Gun can charge up and fire a compressed blast of air, making a huge knockback over a radius. Think of it as an Air-compressed Shotgun. This causes the weapon to have short range however, as anything farther will just give a stiff breeze. Fires on the shot however will deal low damage, but would still knockback, but not as much.

  • Clip Size: 3
  • Firing Speed: Low
  • Special: Yes (Charging)

LMG (Locked)

The Heavy Machine Gun's lighter cousin, it has the same clip size, though has two types of spread, making it a bit disasterous to use when having to change targets. While it doesn't have a revv up period, it still makes the user slow when using it, leaving them open.

  • Clip Size: 100
  • Firing Speed: High
  • Special: No


For when you wanna reach out, and touch someone...

....Like; blow their head off. All Sniper weapons have a very slow reload speed, and are best suited for long range accounts. All Sniper rifles can zoom in, as well. Of course, this slows the user, but not as much as with Heavy weapons


A single shot weapon with a clip, the Railgun requires charge to deal high damage, though a normal, non-charged shot can cause flinching, and a fully charged one causes Knockback regardless. Though charging the weapon makes the person a lot more noticeable, and the Railgun also has a tracing bolt.

  • Clip Size: 4
  • Firing Speed: Slow
  • Special: No


Think of a Railgun with Splash damage, simple as that. Though with this splash damage, it can easily destroy cover and fortifications in one shot, it also deals knockback when fully charged, blowing everyone away with the explosion. It also, from that explosion, proves capable of hitting multiple-targets, low-charged shots, like the Railgun, still won't deal as much damage. Regardless, this Sniper weapon is better for flushing out opponents from hiding. Unlike the Railgun, the Cannonade doesn't shine as brightly when charging.

  • Clip Size: 4
  • Firing Speed: Slow
  • Special: No


Installation and Support weapons are used for keeping a good defense, as well as attacking in some cases.


You may only plant one Sentry down at any given time, this includes both.

Sentry Gun

Creates an automatic firing Sentry at the location where planted, but you can only plant three per life. It cannot move when deployed, as well as itself having a limited view range (Ninety degrees) , it rarely misses when firing, however.

  • Clip Size: Infinite (Fires in four-round bursts, waits a second before firing another)
  • Rearm Speed: Very Fast (About one second)
  • Firing Speed: Moderate

Sentinel/Senty Nell

Plant it somewhere, and any eSper who gets close will be stunned by a Flash.

  • Clip Size: Infinite
  • Rearm Speed: Slow (About three seconds)
  • Firing Speed: Low


Often worn on the hand, Mind weapons and devices are used via using a form of psionicry. All weapons will lower speed when used, but with it being able to bypass walls, it can keep someone out of trouble if used correctly. Mind Energy and Mind Shock can lead targets automatically, making evasive targets have a hard time.

Vital Shock (FORBIDDEN and Locked)

Deemed an overpowered Mind Shock, if with precise aiming, the weapon is overpowered, the GMs, as a result, caused this weapon to be locked and banned. As a result, anyone caught using this weapon will be banned from the game and discharged of any wins, and will be assigned to the Disgraced Players List.

  • Information disabled

Mind Energy

Used as a constant healing device, Mind Energy is used for healing anyone, even bypassing walls and obstacles, but has a short range to it. A full clip can heal an eSper for a considerable amount.

  • Energy Size: 20
  • Firing Speed: High
  • Special: No

Mind Shock

Mind Energy's evil twin, the Shock harms instead of heals, and can bypass walls and obstacles, but also has a small range. It also has a special Life Drain property

  • Energy Size: 20
  • Firing Speed: High
  • Special: Yes (1/4th Life Drain)


This includes mines and grenades.

Earth Bomber

Typically a grenade, the Earth Bomber boasts the capability to take out a group of eSpers, but usually has a large fuse to it, but be careful, this can also harm teammates too!

  • Clip Size: 1

Lightning Bomber (Locked)

Typically like the Earth Bomber, but recognized by it's blue coloring, instead of dealing damage like a grenade, this peculiar weapon deals a random amount, but the same to anyone caught within it. It'll only deal from low to moderate, however (Will be decided by RNG)

  • Clip Size: 1


Only one can be active at a time


These are active by nature.



The user grows wings at the cost of SP, the wings are fairly robotic, growing out of the spine and feathery at the end, it allows the user to fly, hover, and levitate, though they can't dodge. After the SP is fully drained, the wings disappear or stop working, making it dangerous to use over empty ground or a group of enemies when low.


The user fires a gravity-defying anchor to reach normally unaccessable by foot or wall jumping elevation, it costs some SP to use this skill, mainly a moderate amount.



The user strikes with chains that will stop the opponent from moving for a few seconds when cast, it costs the same amount of SP as Anchor


The user turns invisible, SP drains while invisible, and drains faster when on the move, moving also slightly disables the invisibility field to where a thin outline can be seen.



Creates a shield that deflects all incoming fire safe for Bomber objects, the user can still jump, shoot, and move while using Shield, though shots drain SP.


Creates a barrier that can block movement, but can be navigated over by wall jumping over. The barrier blocks all incoming fire, but can crumble if attacked enough, or if it reaches it's timed lifespan. Block costs the same amount of SP as Grapple and Bind


The user maintains a form of iron after assuming a kneeling position and pounding the ground, this ability greatly decreases damage taken and reflects about half of any damage given, although this skill drains SP.


HP Mastery

Makes the eSper a bit more durable (Moderate increase to HP)

SP Mastery

Makes the eSper a bit more agile (Moderate increase to sP)

Dual Mastery

Provides a small increase to the eSper's durability and agility.


The eSper automatically detects anyone nearby, ally or enemy, even through walls, it also shows their enemies' names. It also allows detection of invisible enemies and displays enemy HP

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